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Jade Tabares

Founder of The Sweat Studios

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Seattle native Jade is very excited to share her passion for fitness with you!  She is a trainer to local celebrities including high profile sports figures and can be counted on for teaching thoughtful and challenging sessions.  Over the last decade Jade has taught many thousands of group classes, charity classes, corporate fitness events, and pop up events. She loves to teach fun, musically driven workouts that get you moving and sweating; sign up early because her classes sell out quickly!


Growing up dancing, Tamara developed a passion for moving the body at an early age. After high school she continued her studies in Croatia earning a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and completing various certifications and workshops including TRX, Barre, BOSU, and Kettlebell training.

Tamara’s classes fuze together elements of proprioception, heart-pumping plyometrics, functional movements, and Pilates.


Founding Instructor 

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Founding Instructor 

Kyle believes that everyone should be able to enjoy life, and to feel strong and confident while doing it.  He wants individuals to realize a vibrancy and quality of life that few realize even exist. Kyle tries to use each moment as an opportunity to build my clients up, inspire them, and give them principles of fitness, nutrition and wellness and show them how to apply these things to their life. By combining all of these aspects with a fun, high-energy environment and workouts designed with your goals in mind, you will find yourself quickly becoming the happy, healthy person you’re meant to be. Bringing fitness and wellness to people and helping you make positive changes in your  life is something he is very passionate about, and always strive to provide and deliver the means to make those changes to as many people as possible.

Kyle is nationally certified through NFPT, have been in the industry for about 10 years now, and has worked with a wide variety of clients.  He specializes in small group training, kickboxing/ bootcamps, and sound nutritional advice. When not personally training, or coaching clients, you can usually either find Kyle in a book, outside on the trails, or working on his car. 



Founding Instructor 

Ruby has an infectious energy and passion for uplifting others around her. She feels best when she is moving her body. Ruby is certified in and teaches Barre, Pilates, Bootcamp, and Yoga. When she's not working out, you'll find her creating a healthy & delicious treat, feeding animals at her home, reading uplifting books, listening to podcasts, and connecting with her crystals.

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