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Sweat.  Music.  Mobility.  

Life is too short for boring workouts.  Do something fun for yourself!  Get moving and sweaty with us to sculpt your body, gain flexibility, and be a part of a fun community. 

The Sweat Studios is all about efficient fun workouts for every body and workout level.  Every class will keep you moving in new ways so that you never get bored.  Our highly trained instructors all have an extensive background in Pilates, Plyometrics, Yoga and personal training so you know you will always get the best workout that is safe and effective.  

Working (or teaching) from home? We got you covered.  Our trainers will customize a workout and come to you.  We bring the energy, the equipment, and the fun workout.  All you need is a mat!  

Injured? Not a problem  The beauty of booking with us is that we know the body and how to create a rehab workout to get you back on track.  

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