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  • Jade Tabares

Starting a business during a global pandemic....

I think we can all agree that this time is... less than ideal amiright?!

My dream for a VERY long time has been to have a fitness studio of my own. I always dream big, have more ideas than I know what to do with, and have no problem working hard to make that happen. Working in fitness for almost a decade, I have had my plans change over the years... I originally hoped that I could buy a fitness franchise that I was working at, and then a private pilates studio, but neither of those worked out for one reason or another. And that's 100% ok- it wasn't my time.

One day towards the end of last year, an opportunity came up for me to get this really amazing space in Fremont (Seattle)... and while it felt completely crazy, and I wasn't sure how to make it happen, I decided to go for it. Terrifying. It happened unbelievably fast...and i mean fast. less than 2 months after signing a lease (during the holidays I might add) I was offering classes. One things I've learned from being a single mom is... you can't wait around for things to get done!🤣

2 months into opening my very first physical space... well you know what happened. All fitness studios (and most businesses) were asked to shut their doors. For 4 months. Now, I feel very grateful that I had not yet hired a staff... for those who struggled through that I don't envy you one bit! But I also hadn't made enough to pay myself either. Talk about a scary time.

As soon as we were allowed (and it was safe) to open back up for private sessions and SMALL group sessions (we're talking 5 ppl max), I did. I love my space and love being able to help people with their health. And you know, fitness (especially pilates) is so much more than how you look. Its about energy levels, rehabbing injuries, improving posture, boosting your immune system, combating stress and emotional turmoil, AND creating a community to lean on. When you find studios you love and instructors you care about, they become almost like family!

The new mandate Washington's Governor has set out will completely cripple the fitness and health industry. So many beautiful and truly amazing studios have already closed their doors due to strict guidelines. So many more will be forced to close if this continues. I beg each of you to please consider supporting your fitness studios (whether its The Sweat Studios or any other studio that calls you) in any way you can. Continue to pay for classes or memberships, private sessions, merchandise, gift cards, online subscriptions! Each little bit is BEYOND appreciated and very much needed to keep our doors from shutting completely.

Below is a petition to keep the mandates fair and equal between industries. If you have 30 seconds, please sign and share with everyone you can. We all need each other right now more than ever!

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