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What is Jade all about?

Funny thing, growing up I never had any intention of being in the fitness industry. I loved acting, dancing, singing... performing really. I have always had a big need to move and have ALWAYS struggled with sitting in one spot.

In my early 20s I decided that I was going to make a big change and move to LA, go to fashion school and design. I was a little lost and was trying to find my way in the world because, I mean, who at that age has it together? ;) Shortly before my planned move, I found out that I was pregnant and decided to stay put in Seattle. My world changed completely!

I literally fell into fitness. All through high school and college I had done many Pilates videos and classes at the gym, I would run, and always took dance classes whenever I could but that was the extent of my physical health knowledge. Needing a new part time gig, I walked into a yoga studio one day and asked if they were hiring. They were, and hired me very quickly at the front desk. I had never been inside a yoga studio before and had certainly never tried yoga! I ended up falling in love with the idea of teaching group classes... I went through the training and certification with the plan of opening my own studio one day, but still felt like I was missing something. I was also struggling with shoulder tendonitis from overuse (too many chaturangas without proper form) and was really having a hard time sticking to my yoga practice without being in extreme pain.

Cue: barre and Pilates. My world became so much more complete! Barre gave me access to the social and community I really needed at that time of my life. I have met some of the most incredible and genuine people on the planet from being in the barre studios. Pilates gave me the workout and the foundations I really was looking for. Dealing with some pretty major injuries, Pilates gave me the tools I needed to get a great workout but also rehab and heal.

And so over the years, I have experimented. I have taught at countless studios, thousands and thousands of classes, and figured out what I like in a class; what I want in a workout; what works.

The Sweat Studios is me sharing all of that knowledge with you. I have curated a super fun, fast paced, effective workout. Great music, fun lights, and the workout is always changing. I adjust the workout to match the energy in the room and keep it doable... but oh so challenging. This studio is literally my passion project. Its so much more than just a great sweat, its also a way to connect to new people. Because lets be honest, if you have friends who workout with you're a LOT more likely to stay fit.

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